Meta’s Climate Commitment – at Home and Afar

This year’s Bay Day Challenge is now up and running, and Meta has once again showed its support for Save The Bay’s mission through sponsorship of the annual event. In addition to showing up for local organizations, Meta has demonstrated its commitment to combating climate change and promoting biodiversity at its offices and data centers around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Meta is working to protect the environment near and far.

Aerial photo of Meta's green roof and campus

Green Roof

Meta’s Menlo Park headquarters is spearheading an effort to increase biodiversity in San Francisco Bay through the development of its 12.5-acre green roof and 11-acre campus park. The green roof features over 600 trees and 5,300 birds across a variety of habitats, including grasslands and oak savannas. The campus park has focused on diversifying tree species, particularly oaks, and planting trees that are adapted to the hotter, drier climate we are now experiencing in the Bay.

Aerial photo of Meta's data center

Data Centers

Across the country and the globe, Meta has constructed certified LEED Gold data centers that take each unique local habitat into consideration. After extensive research of each area, the buildings are designed to mimic the natural environment and reduce urban heat island effect by including native and adaptive species. In combination with efficient irrigation systems and sustainable wood products, these measures save over 80,000 kilogallons of water per year.


In addition to designing its data centers with water conservation in mind, Meta is working with local organizations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah to restore local watersheds. These projects reduce runoff, increase water storage capacity, and restore landscapes and rivers that increase wetlands and provide habitat for fish and vegetation. The results support nearby communities’ water supplies and help restore local habitats.

For more information on the many ways Meta is working towards a more sustainable future and to follow along on their journey to reach net zero emissions across its value chain, check out their sustainability website.