Apps to Use on the San Francisco Bay Trail

Apps to Use on the San Francisco Bay Trail

Before you head off to the San Francisco Bay Trail for the #BayDayTrailChallenge check out these apps! From trail maps to citizen science to audio tours to fitness and trash tracking, there are apps for everyone to enjoy. Know of an app that would be great for the SF Bay Trail? Comment below! We would love to hear what apps you are using for #SFBayDay. 


Check out the AllTrails app! It is one of the most popular hiking apps available. With both a free version and paid membership option, there are over 100,000 trails world wide to choose from. You can read reviews, see photos from other hikers, and check out  the terrain for your next hike. Download the app to explore. Find a San Francisco Bay Trail on the app here!

Explore iPhone

Source: AllTrails

Seek by iNaturalist

Seek by iNaturalist was created by California Academy of Science in San Francisco. This cool, kid-friendly app allows you to record your observations, learn about nature and become a citizen scientist! 

Source: iNaturalist 

Vizzit Places

In partnership with the San Francisco Bay Trail, the State Coastal Conservancy, and TV host Doug McConnell, an audio tour was created for specific trails along the San Francisco Bay Trail. Learn more about the trail you are on, its history and more! 

Source: Vizzit App on Google Play

Google Fit 

Track your fitness while on the San Francisco Bay Trail by using the Google Fit app. Google collaborated with the American Heart Association to create this fitness app. Easily monitor your fitness progress from your phone. 

Source: Google Fit


Created by the Ocean Conservancy, CleanSwell is an app that allows you to easily record and track the trash you have picked up along the shoreline. Trash from around the world is being recorded and researchers are able to better understand the types of trash that are ending up close to our shorelines. 

Source: Clean Swell on Google Play

Science Journal

The Science Journal, created by Google and activities developed by the Exploratorium, is a great tool for exploration! Record and measure sound, speed, light and more! Analyze your data in graphs, and take notes right within the app. What will you record along the San Francisco Bay Trail?

Science App Screenshot

Source: Exploratorium