Restoring Shorelines and Creating New Open Spaces: Meta’s Commitment

Restoring Shorelines and Creating New Open Spaces: Meta’s Commitment

For the eighth year in a row, Meta has joined as a Bay Day partner to celebrate the heart of our home – San Francisco Bay.

Bay Day is a chance for the Bay Area community to build our connection to the Bay, and find new ways to explore and enjoy it together. That’s easier to do when there is more shoreline to experience, and Meta has joined the effort to restore tidal marsh wetlands for humans and wildlife.

Meta is committed to climate adaptation and resilience, supporting nature-based solutions to battle rising seas. With the Bay shoreline bordering their headquarters, they’ve partnered on two restoration projects to protect their offices, as well as East Palo Alto and Menlo Park communities. Once completed, these two projects will result in ~900 acres of restored tidal marsh.

First, Meta is a partner of the SAFER Bay project – a plan that will create 600 acres of tidal marsh wetlands to sequester carbon, nullify storm surges, and absorb water during heavy rain events in winter.

SAFER Bay Project Map

Second, Meta has helped Save The Bay with our horizontal levee projects on the east side of Bedwell Bayfront Park and along the All-American Canal which, when finished, will result in 294 acres of tidal marsh that protects thousands of homes in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Ravenswood R4 Pond Horizontal Levee in November 2021 (left),
March 2022 (center), and March 2023 (right)

Restoring the shoreline increases access to open space that the community can take advantage of. In addition to funding restoration, Meta has partnered with Save The Bay to engage the Belle Haven community at Meta Park and on the shoreline. It’s important that the Bay shoreline be accessible to the community to use for recreation.

Bell Haven Community Program looking out at Ravenswood Pond complex (left) and exploring the watershed of San Francisco Bay (right)

Thank you to Meta for partnering with Save The Bay for Bay Day 2023 and helping build a resilient Bay for people and wildlife.