The Bay Day Trail Challenge Your Way

The Bay Day Trail Challenge Your Way

This Bay Day Trail Challenge we encourage everyone to explore the Bay in their own way. Whether you hit the trail on your bike, jump in a kayak, or paint a picture of nature outside your door, try something different and see what you discover.

There are so many fun and free activities you can do while you explore the Bay, here are a few of our favorites.


Pack a lunch, grab some friends and family and adventure to one of these beautiful areas for a picnic along the Bay Trail! Be sure to pick up all of your trash-and even better, try to pack a zero waste lunch!

Exploring Art

Along the Bay Trail, you may find some public art installations. See if you can find some of the art installations along the trail. Get inspired by these artists and your surroundings and draw or paint what you see!


Grab your binoculars, cameras and local birding guide to quietly observe the diverse bird populations around the Bay! You can go birding anywhere along the Bay Trail, but here are some of the more popular spots.

Skating & Rollerblading

Some paths of the Bay Trail are paved or alongside roads. Check out the Bay Trail Map to see which sections are suitable for wheels.

Summer Camp Activities

Connect your little ones to the Bay with our Summer Camp Activities. Pur your head in a bush, write a nature poem, find your tree, pick up trash in your neighborhood, or look for traces of animals. Want more? Check out Outdoor Learning Online lessons to dig deeper into the science, history, and ecology of the Bay.


Did you know there is a Water Trail in the San Francisco Bay? This trail has no beginning or end and is instead a network of launching/landing sites. Grab your canoe, dragon boat, kayak, kiteboard, rowboat, or paddleboard! Learn more about the SF Bay Water Trail here.

Walking and Running

With over 500 miles of trail around the Bay, there are many trails for walking and running! Bring your dog and enjoy a walk along the Bay. Lace up your tennis shoes and check out the Bay Trail Map to find your next adventure!


All the trails along the San Francisco Bay Trail are multi-use, keep your eye out for pedestrians and other cyclists! Check out some popular cycling routes along the Bay Trail. Teach your kids how to ride a bike, enjoy a bike ride with friends and family, or enjoy some time to yourself along the beautiful Bay.

Bay Day Trail Challenge Tips

Use AllTrails

Download the AllTrails app to discover and explore new trails near you. You can search by activity or on the map and read tips and reviews of the trail before you head out.

Share your Adventure

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your adventure with #BayTrailChallenge #SFBayDay and tag @saveSFbay for the chance to win a $50 REI gift certificate every week in October.