What is the San Francisco Bay Trail?

What is the San Francisco Bay Trail?

The San Francisco Bay Trail is a network of 500 miles of walking and cycling paths that connect the 9 Bay Area counties, 47 cities and 7 major bridges. The newest section of the trail at Ravenswood is 0.6miles long and completes an continuous 80-mile stretch of the Bay Trail.

The San Francisco Bay Trail started in 1989 and today just over 350 of the 500 miles (70%) are open for public use. These trails, some paved and others a natural surface, connect counties, cities, parks, open spaces, schools, transit, and businesses. It also links people to many recreational activities such as cycling, running, walking, kayaking, fishing, nature education & restoration, picnicking, birdwatching, art, and more!

How does a 500-mile regional trail get built? Building the Bay Trail involves the whole community, from political leaders to private citizens, everyone has a voice. The Bay Trail is often the conduit for public access to the shoreline and with the support of the State Coastal Conservancy, has been able to offer grants to assist in the completion of the trail. You can learn more here.

You can explore the Bay Trail this October, by taking the Bay Day Trail Challenge and pledging to walk, run, bike, wheel, or paddle 25-miles along the Bay Trail OR by choosing five adventures to connect and engage with the Bay, your way. Complete the challenge and you’ll be entered to win our grand prize – a kayak. Explore the Bay Trail Navigational Map to find a trail near you!

Did you know…

  • The Bay Area Water Trail, connects boat launch/landing sites for kayakers, kitesurfers, windersurfs, rowers and sailors.
  • The Bay Area Ridge Trail has 550+ miles of hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails.
  • The Napa Valley Vine Trail connects 47 miles of paved paths to explore the famous wine region.
  • The Great Delta Trail will connect the five Delta counties linking the SF Bay Trail to Sacramento

Learn more about the San Francisco Bay Trail’s Sister Trails here and explore the greater Bay Area.

Source: San Francisco Bay Trail