Bank of America: A Future of Sustainability

Bank of America: A Future of Sustainability

Save the Bay is once again proud to partner with our valued supporter Bank of America as a top-tier Bay Day sponsor for the second year in a row. Visit our 2020 blog post to check out Bank of America’s work with us in past years.

Bank of America has long been committed to environmental improvement and sustainability, having raised over $200 billion for sustainable causes by implementing green business initiatives, individual employee programs, and close collaboration with organizations like Save the Bay.

Now, they’re building on this work into the future: Bank of America recently pledged $1 trillion for sustainable development by 2030 as part of their Environmental Business Initiative. This pledge will help accelerate the global transition towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy. They have also made a company commitment of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions before 2050. Greenhouse gas emissions and the particulate matter that accompany them directly harms the Bay by polluting its air and water, and minimizing these emissions are key to the Bay’s health. To that, Bank of America’s new environmental initiatives will not only create a global sustainable shift but also directly protect the Bay and its communities for years to come.

Bank of America is not just focused on change at a corporate level, but at an employee level as well. Over the last 10 years, their My Environment Employee Program has encouraged over 24,000 employees in 32 countries to commit to sustainability. The program seeks to connect employees across the globe who share a passion for environmentalism, and empowers them by providing opportunities such as organizing beach clean ups, recycling campaigns, and sustainability webinars.

Finally, Bank of America has also gone above and beyond to support Save the Bay specifically through grants that contribute to community greening efforts and environmental education. They have also closely supported our Habitat Restoration Team, with employees making special trips to our restoration sites such as the Palo Alto Baylands, touring our native plant nursery, and restoring our site at the MLK shoreline through planting native plants and collecting invasive weeds and trash.

On both a corporate and employee level, Bank of America is dedicated to a future of sustainability, ensuring that places like San Francisco Bay can thrive and grow. To learn more about Bank of America’s environmental initiatives, visit